Expectation From Newly Trained CISRS Operatives

Do you know what to expect from newly trained CISRS operatives? We have a few thoughts about this at Fulcrum Scaffold Safety & Training.  Please click on the link of the blog post to watch the video of our MD David Abraham with his thoughts.

CISRS Cards To Go Smart

Recently, Fulcrum Scaffold Safety have received the news that CITB would be terminating their contract to maintain the CISRS Record Centre and Helpline and the production of CISRS cards.

After much deliberation, CISRS decided to award the new contract to NOCN job cards.

What are the main hazards when working at height?

35 deaths each year in the UK are caused as a result of working at height. This figure amounts to 28 percent of all workplace accidents, making it one of the biggest occupational hazards. Take a look on our blog post at the biggest causes of these deaths.

How Do I Become a Scaffolder?

Scaffolding operative training and assessment is provided by Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) Accredited Centres, which are nationally recognised in the UK. The scheme provides the New Entrant/Scaffolder Labourer Course, CISRS Scaffolder Part 1 and Part 2 Courses.

Dust Exposure & Face Fitting

Silicosis is a chronic lung disease, which is caused by inhaling large amounts of crystalline silica dust. This can occur over many years. Silica Dust & Its Dangers Silica is a substance that is found in certain types of stone, rock, sand and clay. When worked with, these materials can create a very fine dust […]

Proud Sponsors Of The Real Men Don’t Carry Knives Campaign

Fulcrum Scaffold Safety are proud sponsors of the Real Men Don’t Carry Knives campaign, spreading awareness of the alarming rise in Knife crime across Merseyside.

Falling Industry Standards

Fulcrum think it is time to raise some key points about the fall of standards in the scaffolding industry. Each week we see more stories concerning safety and training and feel the need to address these concerns.

CISRS Card 12 Month Extension

CISRS accredited centres have been informed that scaffolders who have completed their Advanced course may not have to complete the CPD course if their current card is due to expire.

HSE Scaffold Check List

Check out the HSE Scaffold Check list via the link on our page. After reading this you may want to check out our following courses listed on our page. Please contact us for more details.

Check Out HSE Published

Check out HSE published pdf via the link on our blog post. Just over a quarter of all fatal injuries (37 cases) were accounted for by fall from a height.

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